Fourth meeting of “Consortium Geosciences” in Cyprus

21 Dec 2016

The Faculty of Science at the Lebanese University represented by the dean of the faculty, Pr Hassan Zeineddine, and Geosciences program coordinator at the faculty, Pr Véronique Kazpard, held on December 16, 2016 in Cyprus the Fourth meeting of “Consortium Geosciences” and organized with The Cyprus Institute, IF-Cyprus, BMO-AUF and CNRS-L an International meeting about the launching of the Regional Master in Geosciences: Environmental and Petroleum Geosciences.

The Geosciences formation at the faculty of Science – Lebanese University is based on a strategic development plan running from 2013 till 2020. Two stages have been already realized to accompany bachelor and Master Degrees in Geosciences. An international consortium (stage I) and a technology platform (stage II) support the curricula in both theoretical and training courses. For stage 3, in 2017 - 2018, an International Laboratory in Geosciences will be funded with the IRD-France to host the development of scientific research in the domain.

In July 2016, a field course was performed in Cyprus with the scientific coordination of Cyprus Geological Survey Department. 34 students were mobilized to Cyprus for two weeks with professors from Lebanese University, L-NCSR, ENSG-France, CGSD-Cyprus. A number of partners supported the field course: L-NCSR, BMO-AUF, Total Cyprus, IF-Cyprus, IRD and Cyprus University.

In the week 11 – 18 December 2016, 24 students are in Cyprus Institute for an intensive relocated course for their M2 program. The students will also have a field course tomorrow organized by the Cyprus Institute. This could not be possible without the support of the Lebanese University, the AUF and the Cyprus Institute.

Today 16th December 2016, we hold the present meeting in Cyprus Institute to launch the activities of the Regional Master in Geosciences of the Lebanese University with the participation of a number of national and international partners. This regional master is supported by the CNRS-L and the AUF in the frame of “Educational Innovative Program”.

Our aim in this meeting is to present the on-going preparation of the Geosciences Erasmus project and also to organize specific actions for the implementation of the International Mixt Laboratory - Al Bayrouni Laboratory with our partners to support the phase 3 for research development in geosciences at the Faculty of Science – Lebanese University.

We also aim the creation of a Euro-Mediterranean observatory in geosciences to go along with doctoral studies, scientific research and employability sector.

All of these actions will facilitate the academic mobility of students and lecturers-researchers in the Euro-Mediterranean space. This will help to create an important network between research laboratories of the Lebanese University and national, regional and European laboratories.

The on-going discussions will continue between all partners (Lebanon, Cyprus and France) to tighten the collaborations and to sustain a strategic development plan in Geosciences in the Mediterranean region.

The Erasmus+ proposal for Geosciences will be submitted in February 2017.

The proposal for LMI laboratory will be submitted in January 2017.