Partial Di fferential Equations & Applied Mathematics Meeting

27 Jan 2016

March 29-30, 2016

In observance of the active research carried in the field of partial differential equations (PDE) and applied mathematics, the Faculty of Sciences in the Lebanese University and the Center for Advanced Mathematical Sciences (CAMS) at the American University of Beirut jointly will host a series of lectures in a two days meeting. The meeting aims to enhance the research activities and to promote the research collaboration in Lebanese institutions by presenting specialized topics in PDE and applied mathematics to graduate students and researchers. The topics will cover current research related to the areas of expertise of the speakers, namely in the fields of mathematical physics, shallow water waves, non-linear PDEs, numerical analysis and scientific computing.


March 29, 2016

March 30, 2016

Speakers :

  • Bernard Helff er (Université de Paris-Sud)
  • David Lannes (Université de Bordeaux 1)
  • Elissar Nassreddine (Lebanese University)
  • Georges Chamooun (Lebanese University)
  • Hassan Fahs (Lebanese University)
  • Ibtissam Zaiter (Lebanese University)
  • Marwa Nassrallah (Lebanese University)
  • Mohammad El Smaily (American University of Beirut)
  • Raafat Talhouk (Lebanese University)
  • Toufi c El Arwadi (Beirut Arab University)

Registration :

  • The deadline for registration is by February 28, 2016. Interested participants can register by sending an email to ayman.kashmar@gmail.com.
  • Registration is free of charge.
  • Participants will receive hard copy certifi cates of attendance after the termination of the meeting.

Organizing and Scienti fic Committee :

  • Chairpersons :
    • Professor Hassan Zeineddine - Dean of the Faculty of Science
    • Professor Wafi c Sabra - Director of CAMS
  • Ahmad Fino (Faculty of Science - Section III)
  • Ayman Kachmar (Faculty of Science - Sections I & V)
  • Hassan Ibrahim (Faculty of Science - Section I)
  • Hyam Abboud (Faculty of Science - Section II)
  • Samer Israwi (Faculty of Science - Section I)

This meeting is being partially supported under the auspices of the Atiyah Distinguished Visitors Program. A generous gift from the Simons Foundation created the Michale Atiyah Chair in Mathematical Sciences and the Atiyah Distinguished Visitors Program to provide outstanding intellectual scholarship in the Middle East and to stimulate the flow of visiting mathematicians to AUB.