Professional Master in Food: Formulation and Security


This Master offers for the students a double competence in security and food formulation. The 'food safety' , with a strong component in quality management, food safety, risk analysis and food control, is designed to present the place of risk analysis associated with contaminated food in the national and international health context and its various components. The "food formulation" gives the necessary assets so that the student can use scientific knowledge to produce products that meet industry expectations. His status will be pioneer when a food industry dedicated to innovation to remain competitive in a global market, in perpetual development.

Acquired Skills

  • Quality control and quality management.
  • Food safety Assurance.
  • Control of food products and fraud detection.
  • Development of new products.
  • Improvement of agro-food products.
  • Implementation of quality systems in the enterprise.
  • Total Dietary Studies
  • Risk analysis and quantitative assessment
  • Certification and ISO 9001 § 22000.
  • Audit and inspection. 

Admission Conditions

Recruitment: Applications are reviewed by an admission committee. The best candidates are selected after interview

Required Level: M1 biochemistry

Pre-requisites: M1 biochemistry, course microbiology, course food biochemistry

Capacity: 12-14 students

Further Studies / Career Opportunities

  • Agro-Industries
  • Pharmaceutical, cosmetic and Allied Industries
  • Catering and caterers
  • Ministries of Agriculture, economy, industry, health
  • Consulting office 
  • Certification bodies, standardization bodies
  • Inspection companies
Possibility of research projects:
  •  Control of contaminants and neoformed products (Microbiology and chemistry).
  • Analysis benefit/health risk applied to Lebanese food.
  • Optimization (industrial projects).
  • Fermentation Processes (bioreactors).
  • Mathematical modeling in quantitative risk assessment.
  • Predictive microbiology.

Selected Teachers in Food: Formulation and Security

Mona Jamil Azar

Associate professor
Chemistry - Biochemistry department

Food: Formulation and Security M2 Courses


  • M1 Biochemistry

General Infos

  • Diploma Level: BAC+5
  • Studies Duration: 1 year
  • Type: Professional
  • Teaching Language: French
  • Total Credits Number: 60
  • Location: Pierre Gemayel University campus - Fanar
  • Supervisor: Mona Jamil Azar
  • Email: mnasr(at)ul.edu.lb

Selected Projects

  • Contribution à l’application de la norme ISO 22000 pour la mélasse de grenadine (2010-2011)
  • Contribution à l’application de la norme ISO 22000 dans une pâtisserie orientale (2010-2011)
  • Mise en place d’un système de management dans une industrie de jus de fruits selon l’ISO 22000 en se basant sur une étude HACCP (2011-2012)
  • Contribution à l’assurance de la qualité et la sécurité dans les pistacheries (2011-2012)
  • Contribution à l’application de la norme ISO 22000 à des plats cuisinés à base de poulets (2011-2012)
  • Evaluation et amélioration du système de management d’un traiteur selon l’ISO 22000 en se basant sur une étude HACCP (Filet café de Paris aux pommes dauphinoises) (2012-2013)
  • Mise en place des bonnes pratiques de fabrication à la cuisine centrale, accent sur la formation du personnel à l’hygiène (2012-2013)
  • Contribution de la municipalité de Jounieh à l’assurance de la sécurité alimentaire des restaurants. (2013-2014)

Selected Courses