Antoine Mokbel Karam

Associate professor
Mathematics department - Section II - Fanar
Speciality: Mathematics
Specific Speciality: Mechanics
Interests: Mécanique Générales- Analyses( analyses Réelles, complexe et vectorielles - Topologies) algèbre linéaire et bilinéaire
Skills: Mécaniques lagrangiennes - Analyses réelles, complexes et vectorielles topologies générales

Publications 5 publications
Soulaiman El hazzat-Abderrahim saaidi-Antoine KARAM- Khalid Satori Incremental Multi-view 3D Reconstruction Starting from Two Images Taken by a stereo Pair of cameras Springer 2015

R. BARBARA, A. KARAM The Rational Distance problem for isosceles triangles with one Rational Side RGN Publications 2013

J.F.Rigal, A. KARAM, D. Play Analysis of a complex mechanical system im computer aided design. Application to an automobile gearbox Mechanical Engineering publications Limited- LONDON 1994

Synopsis: Because of the computer capabilities, the numerical simulation of complex mechanical system behaviour is now possible. But real situations have to be explored to articulate design. The experimentation to an automobile gearbox lays down the main rules of the process with an original software specially developped for the design offices.

A. KARAM, D. Play Modélisation des variateurs Continus de vitesses à Courroies poussantes. "exploitation" acte de congres 1992

A.KARAM, D. Play A Discrete analysys of Metal-V belt Drive ASME 1992