Rania Jamal El Baida

Associate professor
Computer Science - Statistics department - Section III - Tripoli
Speciality: Computer Science
Specific Speciality: Informatique

Publications 4 publications
Salem Benferhat, Rania El Baida Argument-Based Approaches for Handling Conflicts in Prioritized Security Policies International Conference on Entreprise Information Systems, INSTICC Press 2006

Salem Benferhat, Rania El Baida Conflicts Resolutions of Prioritized Security Policies IT Security Symposium 2005

Salem Benferhat, Rania El Baida A Stratified First Order Logic Approach for Access Control International Journal of Intelligent Systems - Wiley InterScience, vol.19, issue 9 2004

Salem Benferhat, Rania El Baida A Prioritized-Based Approach to Handling Conflicts in Access Control IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence, IEEE Computer Society 2004